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Oct 11,2021

4 Major Talent Acquisition Challenges to overcome in 2021


Talent recruitment is the activity of enterprises to obtain human resources through the labor or talent market. It is the whole process of recruiting and employing the human resources required by an enterprise according to its own development needs, in accordance with the rules of the market and the requirements of the enterprise's human resources planning, by releasing recruitment information to the target public through various feasible means and media, and in accordance with certain criteria. 

The significance of talent acquisition is that the quality of the recruitment effort often has a fundamental, long-term and sometimes decisive impact on the business, says Sophia, Senior Headhunter at Recruitment Agency In Shanghai. Therefore, in order to recruit well, it is important to first identify what challenges talent acquisition still faces in today's society.


一、Impact of the world economy on recruitment

China is affected by the continued economic downturn in Europe and the United States and the domestic economic transformation, and the growth rate of China's economy will continue to fall in 2021, and export growth will be weak, causing a large number of enterprises to reduce their staff or close down. In the era of "stable employment is to protect people's livelihood", the number one social responsibility of business operators is not to lay off employees. Recruitment demand will decline significantly in recent years.

二、Impact of employment structure on recruitment

Because of the epidemic and the accelerating impact of online operations, more companies are cutting back on demand for intermediate positions, and there will be more demand for lower and higher-end positions, such as customer-facing customer service, sales, and other basic positions that are not as demanding in the short term for skills. In addition, Executive Search Firms China research data shows that the proportion of college graduates in the new employment population has been close to 70%, but graduates will have requirements for the quality of employment, resulting in a situation where the supply of low-end jobs exceeds demand, while the supply of medium and high-end jobs is less than demand.


三、Impact of education on recruitment

The unbalance between school education and corporate hiring needs also makes it more difficult to recruit talent from the side. Now many platforms, including Internet companies need to train new employees in vocational skills. For example: e-commerce talent, now there is almost no one in schools according to the environment of e-commerce to do the corresponding teaching, schools also have no experience, it has not good practice resources to train e-commerce talent. Thus, the demand for talent recruitment in many industries cannot be met.

四、Employer-employee perception gap

According to a research report by Top Headhunters In China, when choosing an employer, job seekers value attractive salary and benefits, job stability, career development, work-life balance, good financial status, and a pleasant working atmosphere, while the talent attraction and retention conditions offered by companies do not match them. The perception gap between employees and employers needs to be further bridged.

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