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May 17,2021

China will invest heavily in new areas like robots etc


According to a research report released last year by Strategy Analytics, global sales of smart speakers reached record levels in 2020, exceeding 150 million units, despite the severe market challenges caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. New models from Apple, Amazon, Google, Alibaba and Baidu hit the shelves just in time for the most important Christmas sales season, bringing a positive end to a difficult year. Smart screens accounted for 26% of the smart speaker market in the fourth quarter of 2020. The growing availability of models of different sizes and price points is driving the strong growth of smart screens [Securities Times]


In such a global smart environment, China is also thinking about the future and has begun to invest heavily in smart industries such as drones and sensors. The robot market is attracting unprecedented attention, including China Human Resource Service Companies. At the beginning of 2020, AlphaGo’s victory over the ‘man-machine war’ of Lee shishi (who is 9th Dan of Go) won the attention of the world. In the context of the global vigorous development of the robot industry, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance jointly published the Robot Industry Development Plan (2016 – 2020), clearly stated that during the ‘13th Five-Year’ period, the performance and quality of robot products will reach the international level of similar, key components have made major breakthroughs. In 2020, the annual output of China’s own brand industrial robots will reach 100,000, and the annual sales revenue of service robots will exceed 30 billion yuan.


In the face of the rapid development of the intelligent industry, the market demand for intelligent technology talent is growing, it can be described as hot. According to Executive Search Companies In China. In the past few years, iFlytex Liaoning branch of USTC has recruited more than 1,000 graduates from colleges and universities every year. And it is expected to reach more than 2,000 in 2018.


“The AI industry is developing rapidly and the market demand is big enough, but real talent is scare,” said the head of Recruitment Agencies China-CBC Executive Search which provides Headhunter service In China. ”Good engineers are hard to find.”


Years in headhunting industry Professional headhunting China/Top Shanghai Recruiters – Sophia indicates, ”In recent years, there have been many institutions and group started the ‘industrial robot application engineer training program. The number of who participate in short-term experience training average up to five to six thousand people. And each institution and the group successfully certified an average of more than 100 people.” ” But at the same time, there are also a lot of problems, really cultivate the comprehensive talents needed by the industry, most enterprises are also more inclined to recruit 211, 985 and other famous college graduates.”


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