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Daily Operation

New media operation is a series of means to promote, promote and market products through the use of various short video platforms and content platforms through modern mobile internet means. By planning brand-related, high-quality, highly communicative content and online activities, messages are widely or precisely pushed to customers to increase engagement and awareness, thus making full use of the fan economy and achieving corresponding marketing objectives. 

In other words, the so-called new media operation is relative to the traditional media. Before the development of the internet and mobile internet, businesses could only advertise on TV stations, radio stations, newspapers and magazines to build their brands and promote their products.

Of course, these are only theoretically speaking, so, specifically to the real workplace of each company on the new media operations are specific what to do? Generally speaking, there are several types.

01 New media operation with one of the mainstream new media platforms as the main operating base

Each new media platform has its own platform rules, user groups and content and style preferences. Therefore, in terms of the division of labour within each company's operations team, one sector of the company will choose different new media operators to be primarily responsible for different platforms.

For example, operators who are good at short-form video will divide into a team to do ShakeYin and another team to do Racer, competing with each other and with the team mainly responsible for other new media platforms.

Under this form of division of labour, new media operations should be based around the platform they are responsible for, researching all rules, main promotional activities, etc., and striving for their own operations to conform to the direction of the platform in order to obtain more support.

At the same time, they should produce content that is more in line with the preferences of the platform's users, and plan activities that the platform's fans like, so as to ultimately achieve the core KPI indicators of new media operations, such as increasing the number of fans, increasing the reading volume, interaction rate and conversion rate.

02 Collaborative division of labour responsible for new media operations across multiple new media platforms

For the vast majority of companies, the new media operations department will not be active on just one new media platform, and will have their new media accounts on all the major new media platforms.

A small team responsible for a particular new media platform would require a relatively large team size and number of people, so there are other companies that choose the practice of producing and producing the same content and distributing it to different new media platforms.

This can significantly reduce the size of the new media operations team, and in companies with tighter cost controls, such an arrangement can do as well as possible for new media operations with a limited cost budget.

The internal division of labour of the new media team is generally divided into basic operation work, such as content distribution and fan interaction, and high-level operation work, including topic planning, content production and production.

The new media operations team under this type of division of labour model is generally divided into senior new media operations, which are mainly responsible for the overall planning and direction of new media selection, as well as the production of important content and other work content.

Intermediate new media operators are the main force in the production of content, and at the same time, they have to pay attention to the relevant data of each platform and make accurate analysis of the data in order to make further adjustments to the content and other aspects afterwards.

As for the junior new media operators, their main task is to distribute the content on the various platforms and to interact with the fans of the various platforms.

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