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Headquartered in Switzerland, CBC has been deeply rooted in the Asian market for more than 26 years.

Marketing Promotion

 l  Do you want to develop your business in India and China market?

 l  Are you confused with how to improve your brand awareness in Asia?

In recent years, China and India's economy has drawn world attention with its sustained and rapid development momentum. Do you want to share the 'pine-cake' in the Asian market?

If yes, then Marketing and Promotion are overwhelmingly essential.

CBC marketing and promotion team will be an excellent and reliable choice for you. Marketing & promotion services are one of the most important services of CBC. Backed by horizontal perspective, we hold holistic view on the whole market place. In the era of the digital economy, we excel in promoting your corporate brand, product or service through digital communication channel. In addition, we are familiar with the feature of China Internet environment so that we are able to help you run a more effective Internet marketing activity in the local market!

Are you bothered by languages, cultures, laws and various promotion platforms in China?

Specifically, do you suffer the following problem when you want to enter the Chinese market: Few people watch English articles published, which platforms should be used for promotion, which advertising content cannot be published in China, what are the hot spots in China recently and so on.

Our team members have frequent English reading, writing and speaking abilities, which means that we can learn your requirements thoroughly, report the work progress efficiently, and help you to understand the trend of China marketing and promotion, in a result, save the communication cost.

Our marketing and promotion activities include SEO, SOM, marketing interaction with your Chinese customers and offline support.

For SEO, we can optimize your search rank and your information in the search engine. First of all, China's biggest search engine Baidu is quite different from Google. You need to create a Baidu ADWords account, pay for it and do daily operations to influence your search rank. Baidu ADWords account is specifically for the company, not for a person's activity. It enables companies to launch paid advertisement campaigns on Baidu (cost per click basis). All operation websites are Chinese and the operation is complicated.

Secondly, we can help you to set up a Chinese website, optimize its opening speed, put it on record, check whether each page can be opened and each function is working, translate the content, and adjust it to a Chinese preferred reading way. Besides, there is a Q&A platform named Zhihu in China. Some people learn the company reputation in Zhihu. We can raise some questions about your brand, and create your official Zhihu account or pretend one of your customers to answer the questions.

Our marketing solutions follow the market dynamic and trend closely. With the popularity of social media, social media marketing has become the most mainstream marketing tool so far. WeChat is a free APP introduced by Tecent in 2011, with the aim to provide smart terminal with instant communication service. WeChat has evolved from a simple communication tool into an essential mobile portal, covering every aspect of daily life and realizing function in communication, social, transportation, payment, etc.

WeChat has more than 800 million monthly active users today. Owning such a large user base enables WeChat to be one of the most important marketing means for corporation. Viewing the demand, WeChat has created a new service platform dedicated for corporate by providing business service and user management service.

CBC forms WeChat Marketing team, providing customers with a full range of customized WeChat marketing strategy and implementation plan. Service scope covers from setting up WeChat account for corporate, daily operation to user management via big data.

The goal is that we can help customers to build a one-to-multi interactive marketing platform, based on WeChat as today's mainstream social media. It penetrates the social circle formed by target user and corporate to build a marketing channel for brand communication, promoting activity and campaign, etc.

Fast-paced life leads to the fact that people are more willing to spend several seconds to watch a short video instead of several minutes to read an article carefully. So we put our eyes on the most popular short video platform named Tik-Tok in China. Not only can we add Chinese subtitles to your videos and upload it in your Tik-Tok account, but we can also make videos by your product/company pictures for Tik-Tok. If you want to make the advertisement in Tik-Tok, shoot professional videos, we can also help.

We can set up all popular SOM accounts for you, such as WeChat, Weibo, Tik-Tok, make daily operations, run user management, and make Chinese posts for you.

For offline support, we can support you at the exhibition, which means that we can manage professional people to take photos and videos when you participate in the exhibition in China. We also can introduce your company and products to visitors all over the exhibition hall and ask them to follow our official account. Besides, we can visit your customers with sales to introduce the marketing benefits to choose your brand if needed. When you want to produce the gifts for the consumers, make rollup POS displays in China, we can also find reliable Chinese suppliers for you.

Do you want to stand in a market with 1.3 Billion Consumer power?

India, the seventh-largest country (by area) in the world and home to approximately 1.3 billion people. With such a huge market the power of consumers/customers increases. But the companies have also faced some challenges when it comes to selling their products and services in the country. It is believed that India is the land of different cultures, and the culture, language, consumer behavior changes from state to state. The technology is growing at a rapid rate, nevertheless, to say, Google is bringing everything on the palms of India through its search engine and other products.

In today’s time, a brand must position itself in such a manner that Indians feel a connection with the brand. We at CBC are here to help your brand connect with the nation. CBC has a team of experienced professionals who can promote your brand online. This can be through your website, through social media page, mobile application or even whatsapp. CBC happens to be the most client-friendly and creative company that builds the client’s presence online, connect prospective customers over digital media platform.

CBC’s online marketing services include:

 l Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO or Organic Ranking is one of the best and long term technique to rank your website on Google, Yahoo, and MSN Bing. The position of your website on the search engine plays an important role especially when you are looking out hit your target customer at the right time of their need. Ranking the website on a search engine requires a combination of skills and techniques. An interesting fact about SEO is no two websites can be ranked with the same technique. Each business and its website needs tailor-made planning and implementation. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of Digital marketing, the team of CBC believes in understanding the client’s business, their requirements, their target market, their product/services and then preparing an online marketing plan which will help in positioning the client’s website on the top pages of Google, Yahoo, and MSN Bing. 

 l Pay Per Click

CBC is known for a result-oriented and skilled Pay Per Click Services which sets up your campaign, strategizes it to generate maximum relevant paid traffic and ROI. We are a team of Google Adwords Certified Partners giving the best results concerning the targeted audience, sales, and ROI by managing PPC Campaigns of our customers regularly from around the globe. When it comes to the ROI (Return On Investment) & ROAs (Return on Ad Spend), CBC makes your targets come true within the described budget. Our custom made Pay Per Click Marketing Strategies, are renowned for instant results that will be positive enough to give you worth more than your investment for each click done on the selected keywords.

 l Social Media Optimization

CBC’s Social Media Optimization services are designed to boost your brand’s virtual presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We design the aura of your brand to make it a buzz feed on social media platforms. We understand that no matter what your industry does, the right combination of Social media marketing will help you to connect with the right audience. We make sure that, you know when people start including your brand. Improved brand awareness is something you can rely upon for making a footprint in the market.

For any successful digital marketing campaign, the promotion of your company must be in the hands of professional who are experienced, who knows the correct method to promote your website and most importantly to a team who believes that client satisfaction is their top-notch priority and got extent to offer the best services. The right combination of Market Research Data and Digital marketing techniques helps to bridge the gap between you and your customers.

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