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The scientific name for SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a way of using the search engine's search rules to improve the ranking of a destination website within the relevant search engine.

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. It is commonly understood as the process of optimising your website to improve your ranking in Baidu and Google by summarising the rules of search engine ranking and allowing search engines to bring you customers. The deeper understanding is: through a set of search engine based marketing ideas like SEO, we provide an ecological self-marketing solution for websites to take the lead in the industry and thus gain brand revenue.

Search engines use specific computer programs to collect information from the Internet according to certain strategies, and after organising and processing the information, they provide users with search services and display the information relevant to the user's search to the user's system. To learn SEO, you must first understand what a search engine is and how it works. Search engines include full text indexes, directory indexes, meta search engines, vertical search engines, aggregated search engines, portal search engines and free link lists.

Search Engine Optimisation

      1. Internal Optimization

          (1) Optimisation of META tags: e.g. TITLE, KEYWORDS, DESCRIPTION, etc.

          (2) internal link optimization, including relevance links (Tag), anchor text links, various navigation links, and image links

          (3) website content update: keep the site updated every day (mainly the update of articles, etc.)

      2, external optimization

          (1) external link categories: blogs, forums, B2B, news, classifieds, bars, know, encyclopedia, related information networks, etc. try to maintain the diversity of links

          (2) External links operation: add a certain number of external links every day, so that the keyword ranking is steadily improved.

          (3) external links selection: and some and your website relevance is relatively high, the overall quality of the site to exchange links, consolidate stable keyword ranking

What are the characteristics of websites that are not search engine friendly.

       1, web pages with a lot of images or Flash and other forms of rich media (Rich Media), no text information that can be retrieved, while the most basic SEO is article SEO and image SEO.

       2, web pages without titles, or titles that do not contain effective keywords.

       3, the effective keywords in the body of the web page is relatively small (generally less than 2% to 8% of the whole article).

       4, the website navigation system so that search engines "can not read".

       5, a large number of dynamic web pages so that search engines can not retrieve.

       6, no other search engine has been included in the site to provide links.

       7, the site is filled with a large number of deceptive search engine spam, such as "transition page", "bridge page", the colour and background colour of the same text.

       8, the lack of original content in the website, completely copied from the content of others.

CBC’s team of SEO Consultants serve to a wide vista of global clients and the SEO strategies takes care of all of factors like culture lifestyle, colloquial usage and not just the technical part, and rolls out a strategy that is tailor made for your business.

China search engine ranking and management services

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