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Website Design

Web design (also known as Web UI design, WUI design, WUI) is the functional planning of a website based on the information (including products, services, ideas and culture) that a company wishes to convey to its visitors, followed by the design and beautification of the pages. As one of the company's external promotional materials, a beautiful web design is essential to enhance the company's brand image on the Internet.

Web design is generally divided into three broad categories: functional web design (service website & B/S software user side), image web design (brand image station), and information web design (portal station). Different web planning and design solutions should be chosen for different purposes of web design.

Before proceeding with the production of a website, the first step is to carry out the overall design of the website pages. A website is made up of a number of web pages, which are the interface through which users access the website. Therefore, the design of a website in the usual sense refers to the design of the individual pages in the website. The first thing that is mentioned in web design is the layout of the web pages. Whether the layout is reasonable and beautiful will directly affect the user's reading experience and access time.

Today, with the rapid development of the Internet, the Internet has become part of people's lives and an important way to access information resources. The presentation of information is inseparable from the important interface of the web page, whose main role is to organise the information and resources needed by the user by certain means and present them to the user through the web.

With the increase in network technology and bandwidth, the elements of the web have changed considerably. At the end of the 1990s, web pages consisted of a large amount of text, tables, hyperlinks and a very small number of static images and gifs. Nowadays, in addition to the above-mentioned elements, a large number of images, animations, videos, music, banners and various dynamic effects have been added to the web pages.

CBC focuses on design and develop of high-end websites, marketing focused websites as well as responsive websites, CBC has a team of experts all having more than 10 years of experience in high-end website construction. 

CBC offers a one to one professional consultation, our senior web-design engineer always studies your industry and products first before providing most appropriate design concept which suits the best to your brand positioning. 

CBC offers professional special effects interactive production, handwritten native code, HTML5+CSS3 technology compliant with W3C standards and compatible with mainstream browsers.

CBC has strong research and development capabilities, and our team has more than 5 years of development experience, organizing and building databases, developing website system functions, completing projects and conducting tests. 

CBC’s SEO service provides optimization infrastructure, design in line with the search engine included site structure, to ensure our clients websites will be in the shortest possible time by the mainstream browser included. 

After the established of website, CBC provides exclusive 1-to-1 customer service, which can be responded to within 2 hours at any time, we are your strong back support to solving your worries at any time.


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