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Headquartered in Switzerland, CBC has been deeply rooted in the Asian market for more than 26 years.

Company Compliance Service

In an era of increasing globalization, accounting has become far more complex than basic book keeping or tallying. Accounting has become a specialty in which it is increasingly difficult for in-house operations to meet requirements. There exists a myriad of global standards, shifting requirements and complex regulatory procedures that need to be met by cross border businesses.

With ongoing regulatory and compliance developments, and growing personal accountability of directors, companies are under increasing pressure to keep regulators as well as shareholders happy.

We address every aspect of legal entity management and compliance.

We cover markets across China, HK, India and Switzerland and can take care of both high-volume compliance activities and more project-based requirements.

We offer this support flexibly, in the way that suits you – through on-demand resourcing, advisory engagements, or a complete managed service.

However we work with you, we’ll use the latest technology and innovative business models to ensure cost efficiencies and insightful management reporting that can help you mitigate risk.

CBC-Primasia provide Annual compliance service as follow:

Maintenance of each company’s statutory registers including completion of an initial health check of each company to ensure it’s in good standing;

Respond to Corporate secretarial queries relating to the annual joint inspection at the relevant administration of industry and commerce , administration of foreign exchange, tax bureau, finance bureau and statistics bureau;

Respond to Corporate Secretarial queries relating to the annual audit of company accounts (to be performed by qualified PRC auditors);

Carrying out two routine changes (including documents and fling) to any one company during the year, for Instance, changes of registration particulars, change of Directors, legal representatives and other officers, change of company name and change of registered office within the same district;

Preparation and fling of AIC Annual Report and Joint Annual Report;

Issuing a reminder notice at least one calendar month before an obligation related to the Corporate Secretarial sector (for example, joint annual inspection or renewal of trade license) Is due to be completed.

Advice with regard to local company secretarial law and practice concerning compliance requirements for the companies, liaising with the group and third parties as necessary

Provision of updates to the CSU on compliance. Issues arising.

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