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Headquartered in Switzerland, CBC has been deeply rooted in the Asian market for more than 26 years.

Work Permit and Visa Application

As in other countries, foreign nationals need a work permit to be legally employed in China. Until recently, local governments have been reluctant to enforce visa-related matters but this has changed. Foreign nationals found working or living in China without the necessary visa permits and paperwork can face fines, imprisonment or deportation. Employers have to pay up to RMB 100,000 when found guilty of employing a foreign national illegally.

In order to avoid these problems, it is advisable for foreign companies of any size to seek the support of a professional service provider. CBC-Primasia has offered Chinese visa services and helped dozens of foreign companies with employment, payroll, visa and work permit matters and has built a reputation in these fields.

Foreigners who enter China shall apply to visa-issuing authorities stationed abroad for visas, except as otherwise provided for in this Law.

Visas are classified into diplomatic visas, courtesy visas, business visas and ordinary visas.

To issue diplomatic or official visas to foreigners who enter China for diplomatic or official purposes; Courtesy visas shall be issued to foreigners who are accorded courtesy due to special needs of their status. The scope and procedures for issuing diplomatic visas, courtesy visas and official visas shall be stipulated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ordinary visas of corresponding categories shall be issued to foreigners who enter China for non-diplomatic or official purposes, such as work, study, visiting relatives, tourism, business activities and talent introduction. The categories and issuing measures of ordinary visas shall be stipulated by The State Council.

The registered items of a visa shall include: visa type, name, gender, date of birth, number of entries, validity of entry and duration of stay of the holder, date and place of issue, passport or other international travel document number, etc.

Foreigners who apply for visas shall submit their passports or other international travel documents, as well as relevant materials of application purposes, to the visa-issuing authorities stationed abroad, go through relevant formalities and accept interviews in accordance with the requirements of the visa-issuing authorities stationed abroad.

As your immigration consultants, our immigration services include pre-arrival, post arrival and optional services.

Before you arrive, we will help register your company at local authority office, pre assess for the PU letter, file the PU letter application and provide assistance in the application of NWP (Notification of Work Permit).

Upon your arrival, we prepare initial application, renew your application and also de-register your application.

Our other optional services include medical, local residence registration and provide guidance on mainland China boarder policy and quarantine measurements upon your landing in mainland China.

Scope of services

The purpose of the services is to assist you in PRC immigration services.

1.       Meet, where possible, or liaise with you and develop the proposed strategy for the immigration application(s) for your consideration.

2.       Provide the Company with a tailored list of the documentation required for the immigration application(s).

3.       Provide the Company with immigration forms for preparation and signature upon your review and approval.

4.       Review documentation relating to the immigration application(s) and provide comments where required.

5.       Prepare for your review and approval the immigration application(s) and necessary correspondence to the immigration authorities.

6.       Submit the immigration application(s) to the immigration authorities upon receiving your approval.

7.       Monitor the progress of the immigration application(s) and keep you informed of the status of the immigration application(s).

8.       Monitor the interim immigration application(s) status pending the outcome of the case, if required.

9.       Assist to co-ordinate collecting the immigration permit(s)/visa(s) for you upon approval and forward on to you.

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