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Brand Insight

What is Brand Study?

Brand study refers to insight into consumers' overall feeling, experience and evaluation of brands. It covers all topics about brands, includes: brand naming, brand awareness, brand perception and likability, brand positioning and strategy, etc.

-        Brand naming: Before a brand formal launches in the market, a brand name, which is easy to remember, easy to communicate, easy to arouse positive association, matches with products attributes and brand future development is quite important. Brand naming study could help our clients find out the most proper name/direction of naming, so that they can get a head start on entering the market.

-        Brand awareness & perception: brand awareness and perception are latitudes to prove a brand’s competitiveness in the market, esp. for mass consuming goods. Only when consumers aware of the brand, they are willing to know more about it. If a brand is well acknowledged, which means some emotional benefits will be much easier to communicate and deliver, otherwise, only functional benefits can be communicated. Brand awareness & perception study could help our clients to have a general idea about their competitiveness in the market, so that they can make further marketing/promotion strategies accurately.

-        Brand likability & loyalty: when consumers perceive something at very early stage, they are more rational, while after they start to like something, they get more emotional gradually. The more like, the more emotional. Even they have some slight dissatisfactions, they will endure. After repeat buying, they will believe the brand/product and rely on it. Additionally, higher brand loyalty also means lower price sensitiveness. Brand likability & loyalty study could help our clients to have a better understanding of brand competitiveness and consumers stickiness, so that they can make further marketing/promotion strategies accurately.

-        Brand positioning & strategy: it includes market segmentation, target consumers segmentation, image positioning, price positioning, channel positioning, etc. Brand positioning is the core in making brand strategies. Proper brand positioning could help our clients to build a solid connection between brand/product and target consumers, so that help our clients to realize their business target.

So, generally speaking,

Brand recognition determines products, channels, communication, price positioning, then, further determines the relations in communication with consumers, and whether an enterprise can make money and keep making money. All of these strategic decisions come from clear and accurate brand insight study. That’s why we say brand insight study plays an essential role in making marketing strategies.

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