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Headquartered in Switzerland, CBC has been deeply rooted in the Asian market for more than 26 years.

Focus Group Discussion

Focus Group Discussion is one exploratory interviewing method conducted by experienced moderator with a small group of target respondents (usually 6-10 persons) in an unstructured manner,to get their spontaneous opinions and suggestions by listening to them talk about topics of interest to researchers. This research method is very interesting, and unexpected findings can often be obtained in the discussions. It is one of the most important qualitative research method as well as in our CBC company.

CBC has rich practical experience in this research method FGD, and has accumulated a variety of different types of research project experience, doing projects with such eases: consumer insight and product innovation, new product and packaging test, customer satisfaction research, brand positioning(repositioning) and development evaluation, development of advertising communication , product category management, channels research, etc.

CBC has served well-known domestic and foreign enterprises in a variety of industries, including automotive, FMCG, IT & Telecom, personal care & Cosmetics, retail (including online retail), durable consumer goods, luxury goods, healthcare, finance and insurance, chemical, manufacturing and other top 500 companies.

As the core of the Focus Group Discussion, the role of the moderator is particularly important. CBC has more than 5 full-time professional moderators and 20 freelance professional moderators in various industries. All moderators have the following advantages:

First, strong interactive affinity ability. Our moderators’ image are bright, energetic, enthusiastic, lively, and have a high affinity, can let the participants wholeheartedly into the discussion, speak freely, truly express their own opinions.

Second, good meeting process control ability. Our moderators are experienced, knowledgeable, with clear and flexible thinking. Also they speak at a medium speed, neither too fast nor too slow. They can control the speech of each participants well, making them happy to express themselves fully, and not being long-winded and protracted.

Third, strong ability to ask questions and listen to the participants. Our moderators know how to use their expertise and the right questions to get the heart of the problem. At the same time, they can carefully listen to the real meaning of the respondents, including the surface meaning and hidden meaning, and launch the next discussion on the basis of full understanding. Also be able to recognize non-verbal behaviors of participants and better understand the true opinions and attitudes of each participant.

As a well received research company, for 20 years CBC dedicated themselves to Focus Group Discussion research and won high reputation and favorable comments from clients.

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