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Central Location Test

CLT is one of the traditional quantitative research methodologies. Usually, this method is selected when conducting consumer research. The interview location is set up in the downtown road section. After being intercepted by the interviewer on the street, the questionnaire survey is completed at the interview location.

CLT is suitable for questionnaire survey with lots of questions and complex content. Or it is necessary to show consumers the packaging or physical products, such as packaging test, taste test, flavor test, etc.

The advantages of CLT are as follows:

1. The LOI of CLT can be longer and the content can be more complex. Stimulated by gifts and/or trial products, respondents are usually willing to accept interview no longer than 30 minutes. By F2F interactive interviews with respondents, we can obtain more detailed and in-depth information.

2. Physical products can be shown, and the respondents can really perceive the test product by looking, touching, smelling and tasting, so as to give a more specific evaluation. Therefore, CLT is especially suitable for packaging test and product test, such as taste test, flavor test, etc.

3. The operation of CLT is generally completed in 2-3 days. Compared with the traditional home visit, the fieldwork time is greatly shortened.

4. The project supervisor centrally manages the interviewers, so as to find out the problems and errors during the interview and correct them in time. After the completion of the survey, the project supervisor will review it immediately. In case of logical problems, unclear meaning, missing answers, etc., the interviewers can confirm, ask supplementary questions and follow-up questions with the respondents in time.

The disadvantages of CLT are as follows:

1. Because it is implemented in a fixed location, the target group without access to the site will not be able to be intercepted, resulting in the possible biased samples.

2. Although the LOI can be a little longer, it may cause the respondents' impatience. Later, they may not answer the questions seriously, or even drop out the interview.

3. The interceptors are scattered to intercept, and the observers can’t take into account each interceptor, which may violate the interception guidelines and can’t fully ensure the quality of the respondents.

CBC has fixed locations in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, as well as long-term partners in other provincial capitals and key cities, and can implement CLT projects nationwide. CBC has served many international well-known clients, such as Apple, Philips, Disney etc., and conducted lots of typical CLT projects like packaging test and product test.

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