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Headquartered in Switzerland, CBC has been deeply rooted in the Asian market for more than 26 years.

Consumer Behavior

CBC offers consumer research services in China and India. Every business idea needs efficient consumer research for its success. The research is conducted to evaluate the purchase behaviour of the targeted customers. CBC’s Consumer research helps businesses understand customer psychology and create detailed purchasing behavior profiles. We use techniques that provides an approach about customer’s requirements. The data driven helps the brands to make changes in their services and products which increases the customer satisfaction and upscale the business.

The research methodology designed by CBC helps the brands to understand the market in depth by understanding the decision hence helping the brand to design a product, decide the price tag and promote the product in a right way to their target audience. CBC’s consumer study services in China and India helps businesses identify growth opportunities and develop a competitive strategy based on deep understanding of customers. At the end, as part of the services, our experts deploys advanced system and visualization techniques to showcase the key findings. The service can be availed by a brand which is developing a new product or a brand which is looking to modify/re-brand its existing product to better understand the needs of the customer, improve brand equity and eventually boost sales.

CBC’s team of expertise analyzes the market opportunities through advanced analytics capabilities which eventually helps our client to understand the market demands, the opinions of the customer, increasing their brand share, reducing risk and gaining a competitive advantage. CBC’s customized methodologies can not only help to establish a consumer behavior pattern for a product/service, but also help to understand the intrinsic motivation of consumers to use the product/service.

Considering CBC’s strong hold in China and India market, our team comes in with years of experience in the field of research and have helped some of the top brands in the world to establish a strong presence in Asia’s two strongest and biggest consumer market. Through the study of consumers' lifestyle and behavior, such as mind set, life value, information channels, purchase motivations, key buying factors, usage patterns/habits, usage satisfaction, etc., CBC can help clients to understand whether their product/service could meet consumers’ needs well, and then, provide modification/improvement directions for clients.

CBC’s consumer research study can be conducted in major markets of China and India, thanks to our reach, we have conducted behaviour study in Metro cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai as well as the rural market of the two nations. This approach has not only developed our client’s trust on CBC but also, they getting everything under one roof which is an advantage for the brand.

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