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Headquartered in Switzerland, CBC has been deeply rooted in the Asian market for more than 26 years.

Product Testing

CBC provides Product testing research in China and India. The phase of product testing is very important for any company before rolling out the product in the market. The product testing phase helps a company understand the customer’s review in the prototype or the actual product, based on the feedback from the respondents, the company can make the changes before the final roll. Product testing is to provide product prototypes or finished products to consumers, and consumers evaluate the product attributes according to their own ideas, so as to systematically obtain consumers' opinions and suggestions.

Product testing should be considered when facing the following problems:

  • How to optimize the attribute characteristics of products to attract customers more;

  • How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of competitive products to determine the position of products in the target market;

  • What features of the product attract customers more than competitors;

  • Whether to attract customers in terms of product attributes; Whether some attributes can be improved;

  • Whether the improved product is really better than that before improvement; whether customers can distinguish between products before and after improvement.

There are two kinds and four types of product testing methods commonly used in product testing research: single product testing and paired comparative product testing.

1.      Single product testing. In a single product testing, respondents try a product and then evaluate it. Data collection variables usually include purchase interest, evaluation level of attributes, etc. If there is more than one product to be tested, first group the respondents, then try each product, and then compare with each other. Test only one product for one respondent.

2.      Paired comparative product testing. In the paired comparative product testing, respondents try two products in order. After the trial, evaluate each product and say which product he/she prefers. Because the respondents start to answer questions after trying the two products, the evaluation of the products is usually based on the comparison of the two products.

3.      Continuous single test. At the same time, it has "absolute judgment" data of single test and "comparison" data of paired comparative test. Respondents rate the two products in order. When evaluating the first product, the respondents do not know that there is a second product. After evaluating the first product, evaluate the second product. The questions of evaluation are the same. Finally, the preferences of the two products can be obtained.

4.      Repetitive paired product testing. When direct preference is the main interest of product testing, the repetitive paired product testing can be applied. This design can obtain the preference degree of each product in the pairing test, and clearly estimate the number of real "indistinguishable" customers in the target market. "Indistinguishable" customers refer to those who can’t really distinguish the differences between alternative products, or those who are hesitant because they have no strong preference for any product. Repetitive paired product testing pays attention to both direct product preference and product diagnosis. The final result is to answer the questions of "which product do you prefer" and "why" to the greatest extent.

CBC has supported some of the top global brands for testing their products in China and India. Our research expertise makes sure to get in-depth findings from the respondents and we believe that the testing phase plays a crucial role for any product’s success. The key findings and results have helped the companies to make advancements in their products thus driving in more sales and increasing the profits.

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