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Headquartered in Switzerland, CBC has been deeply rooted in the Asian market for more than 26 years.

Service Satisfaction

It is a well-known fact that it’s more profitable to retain an existing customer then to pitch a new customer. CBC believes and understands that customer is the key factors that determine the success of a company. For service-oriented company, the customer is the person to judge the level of service and the quality of service. The quality service results ultimately point to only one goal- to make customers satisfied. Therefore, the service satisfaction survey is very important when targeting customers in China and India market. 

Service satisfaction refers to the degree of customer satisfaction with the service measures taken before, during, after sale and at different stages of the product cycle. It is the difference between the service provided and the user's psychological expectations.

The purpose of service satisfaction research is to obtain the evaluation of customer satisfaction, consumption defect, repurchase rate and recommendation rate of specific service through continuous satisfaction research, so as to find the core problems of internal and external customers, find the most efficient and effective way to maximize the value.

The frequency of service satisfaction survey depends on the following factors:

1.      Frequent satisfaction evaluation is required for products and services at the early stage of the product life cycle.

2.      Customers who make frequent purchase decisions need more interviews.

3.      When enterprises make profit sharing decisions, bonus decisions and other customer satisfaction measures, they need more frequent satisfaction evaluation.

4.      The new service satisfaction survey should consider whether the previous survey has achieved related results. Otherwise, it is not suitable to conduct a second interview for some customers, which will cause customers' psychological boredom.

The survey methods commonly used in service satisfaction survey mainly include questionnaire survey, home visit interview, telephone interview, focus group discussion and mystery survey. Each method has its own focus and different results. Therefore, it is difficult to obtain comprehensive and accurate satisfaction value by using a single method to measure satisfaction. Therefore, different combination methods should be selected according to product characteristics, customer structure and consumption situation to investigate and measure customer satisfaction, so that customer satisfaction can reflect customers' feelings more comprehensively, truly and objectively.

CBC has rich experience in satisfaction research and has implemented a variety of projects in China and India. In terms of internal satisfaction survey, CBC has conducted employee satisfaction survey and channel satisfaction survey for various enterprises. The channel satisfaction survey includes seller satisfaction and service provider satisfaction. In terms of external satisfaction survey, we have conducted surveys on supplier satisfaction and customer satisfaction for enterprises, and customer satisfaction is divided into product satisfaction and service satisfaction. Service satisfaction is divided into sales service satisfaction and after-sales service satisfaction. Our company has won high praise from well-known clients in this field, and the results are of great help to them, to help our clients allocate limited resources to the most important aspects, thereby building and enhancing customer loyalty.

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