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Home Visit Interview

When the respondents come to the company and sit in the meeting room for interviews, sometimes they feel constrained by the unfamiliar environment and cannot speak freely. And sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the truth and falseness of what they say. In order to better and more truly observe consumers' living conditions, personal preferences, personality characteristics, family situation, etc., researchers will also take clients to the consumers' home for interviews. This research method is called home visit interview. This method is on individual base and done at consumers' home with free flow. And it's usually used for product test and consumers' life environment observation.

Home visit interview is the key qualitative methodologies in the marketing research, its advantages are as follows:

The interview is conducted in a familiar environment, that is at the respondents' home, so the respondents will feel safe and relaxed. In an environment free from natural interference, the respondents will spontaneously express their opinions according to their actual situation.

Easy to control the interviewing quality. In general, once the interview starts, the respondent will be more patient to complete the interview, and rarely refuse or do not cooperate during the interview. The response rate of the questionnaire is high, the interviewing quality is high as well. The information obtained is true and reliable, and the objectivity is strong. The interviewer can also check the answers in person and obtain the supplementary distorted answers from the respondent through observation, which brings great convenience to check the authenticity of the interview.

Can carry out more complex investigation projects. The length of interview can be relatively long. The interviewer can use some interviewing tools, such as cards, samples, photos, graphics, household items, to achieve more complex asking and guidance, to explain complex problems face to face, which is difficult to do in other research methods.

At the same time, the home visit interview also has its disadvantages, which are mainly reflected in:

1. Interview costs are high. Due to the complex procedures of home visit interview, its fieldwork cost is relatively high, including recruitment fees, transportation costs, gifts or incentives for respondents, etc. At the same time, the labor cost paid by the survey company is relatively higher than that of other survey methods, which makes the survey cost increase to a certain extent.

2. High rejection rate during recruitment. Generally speaking, due to security and privacy considerations, ordinary consumers are reluctant to accept strangers' door-to-door visits. Sometimes, we need to contact many samples to find a qualified sample who is willing to accept the interview, so the rejection rate of home visit interview is relatively high.

CBC has rich research experiences in this method and won high reputation and favorable comments from international well-known clients, such as Samsung, LG, Apple, Philips, Siemens, Finish, etc.

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