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In-depth Interview

In-depth interview, also known as unstructured interview or free interview, is an unstructured, direct and one by one conversation between the moderator and the respondent for a long time (usually from 30 minutes to 1 hour) on a certain topic.It is often used to collect respondents’ opinions on something, the reasons for a certain decision, how products or services are used by them, as well as the emotions and personal tendencies of consumers’ lives.Generally speaking, in-depth interview is face-to-face communication, but sometimes it is far away from the respondent, or due to some limited conditions, it can also be conducted in the form of telephone or video.

Similar to Focus Group Discussion, in-depth interviews are direct methods of obtaining information by using unstructured questionnaires, except that in-depth interviews are conducted one by one.It's designed to dig deep into some independent insights that aren't influenced by others. During FGD, there are often one or two respondents with "tempo", so that others just agree with what they say and are not willing to think or express their own opposition, which may cause error factors in the research results.

The advantages of in-depth interview are as follows:

First, in-depth interviews can obtain high-quality data. Among all kinds of data collection methods, the depth, detail and richness of interviews are unmatched by other methods.

Secondly, it is flexible, which is conducive to giving full play to the initiative and creativity of both sides of the interview.It can explore consumers' inner motivation and attitude more deeply than focus group discussion method, exchange information more freely, and often obtain unexpected information.

Finally, in-depth interviews have a wide range of applications, and can be combined with a variety of user research methods, such as usability testing, observation, quantitative questionnaires, log data analysis, and so on.

The disadvantages of CLT are as follows:

The cost for in-depth interviews is higher than FGD, especially when there are a large number of respondents.

The quality of in-depth interview results is highly dependent on the skill of the moderator, and skilled moderators who can do in-depth interviews are expensive and difficult to find.

Due to the length of interview is long, it will cost a lot and the sample size will not be too large. The data of in-depth interviewing results are often difficult to explain and analyze, and the sample is not representative enough.

CBC has rich practical experience in in-depth Interview method and has served well-known domestic and foreign enterprises in a variety of industries, including automotive, IT & Telecom, personal care & cosmetics, retail (including online retail), durable consumer goods, luxury goods, healthcare, finance and insurance, chemical, manufacturing,etc.And also CBC’s in-depth Interview skills won high reputation and favorable comments from clients.

As the core of the in-depth Interview, the role of the moderator is particularly important. All the researchers in CBC are very well experienced and are handy with this qualitative techniques in various projects.

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