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Desk Research

Desk research is a method of analyzing and researching existing second-hand data such as computers, magazines, books, documents and Internet search without field research and collection of first-hand data. It can also be called "second-hand data research".

Desk research can be applied to all stages of the project. When in-depth mining is needed, we can stop and return to the desk research at any time. However, desk research in the early stage of the project will be more useful. Through the second-hand data to understand the whole current situation of the project, we can get some analysis results, which can pave the way for the next research (in-depth interview, FGD etc.). For example, by doing industry analysis, competitor analysis, legal policies, cultural environment, user needs and technological change, we can identify trends and opportunities, so that researchers can clearly understand which resources and stakeholders may need to be integrated into the project.

The advantages of desk research are as follows:

1. Various types of data can be collected through various channels, and the range of data collected is very wide.

2. With the continuous development of the Internet and intelligent devices, more and more data can be collected anytime and anywhere, which is convenient, fast, time-saving and labor-saving.

3. Compared with field research, desk research is the most cost-effective and does not even cost anything.

The disadvantages of desk research are as follows:

1. The authenticity and representativeness of second-hand data can’t be fully guaranteed.

2. Second-hand data are not prepared to solve the current problems, and may not be very relevant to the problems we want to study. In addition, only existing public data can be obtained, and non-public data can’t be obtained, especially some sensitive and crucial information.

3. The information collected may be already outdated, so the timeliness of the data is difficult to guarantee. The latest information may not be publicly available yet.

4. In most cases, desk research can only be used as an auxiliary method, and it should be combined with other research methods, such as in-depth interview, FGD etc.

CBC has an experienced research team and is good at summarizing and refining the key information needed by customers from a large amount of information. CBC has accumulated a lot of desk research experience, successfully helped the clients understand industry information, policies and regulations, market status, etc., and helped the clients make correct decisions.

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