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CAWI-and-SAMI belongs to network survey, also known as online survey. It collects data and information online by using the Internet and technical tools. This method makes the traditional survey and analysis methods online and intelligent through the Internet and its survey system, which is different from the traditional telephone interview, street interception and other survey methods.

Compared with traditional market research, CAWI-and-SAMI research has the following significant advantages:

1. Fast. The use of online survey system, save many steps such as the printing and transportation of paper questionnaire, the recruitment and training of interviewers, questionnaire collection and input, and so on. The whole process is completed automatically by computer or mobile phone, greatly improving work efficiency. Not only the time of single questionnaire is short, but also the overall implementation cycle of the project is short. Using the online survey system for questionnaire collection, sorting, results statistics, all the steps are automatically completed by the computer, so we can avoid human factors and greatly reduce the probability of error.

2. Accuracy. When doing CAWI-and-SAMI research, the respondents will not be affected or disturbed by interviewers, and answer questions based on their own feelings and intuition. Moreover, for some questions with certain privacy, respondents are more likely to give truthful answers in the network environment.

3. Low cost. For traditional research methods, paper, printing, postage, telephone, personnel training, labor and post-statistical sorting, analysis and so on need to spend a lot of manpower and financial resources.

4. This method is not limited by the time and place. CAWI-and-SAMI research can be conducted around the clock by the respondents, and the time is completely controlled by the them, and also they can freely choose where to complete it. In the traditional survey, the respondents have to accommodate the time of the interviewers, and they can only passively accept the place.

5. Advantages of contacting respondents. However, CAWI-and-SAMI research can reach high-end people, such as high-income people, professional and technical personnel and senior management personnel more easily than traditional survey because of its unlimited time and place.

The disadvantages of CAWI-and-SAMI are as follows:

1. CAWI-and-SAMI surveys rely on the Internet, there is no problem conducting them in some major cities. But in some remote mountainous areas and small cities without the network environment, there is no way to run.

2. Netizens are generally between 15 and 45 years old, and most of them are young. Therefore, it is relatively suitable for surveys with young people as the main subjects.

CBC company has a huge data resource base, including c-end and B-end consumer groups, which can be applied to a variety of online projects including CAWI-and-SAMI surveys. CBC has rich experience in the implementation of CAWI-and-SAMI surveys and has completed them well. The analysis results obtained can effectively help clients to make judgments and win their high reputation and favorable comments.

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