Business Consulting

Headquartered in Switzerland, CBC has been deeply rooted in the Asian market for more than 26 years.

Business Consulting

Headquartered in Switzerland, has been deeply rooted in the Asian market for more than 26 years. Since its inception in 1995, CBC has expanded its services in various aspects and offers a comprehensive service solution for business expansion in Asia and Switzerland.

In addition to Switzerland, we are also present in China and India, which are considered to be the two fastest growing economies in the world. The team of experts at CBC Consulting Group in these countries offers professional business consulting, accounting & payroll management, product research, consumer insight, online research, human resource, and marketing & communication services to customers worldwide.

It is never an easy decision or process to enter a new market, especially from the West to the East where business culture and practices differ significantly. As the old Chinese saying puts it, ‘A handy tool makes a handy man’. Thanks to our extensive business consulting experiences and a team with local expertise and international exposure, CBC can provide the handy tool or a one-stop solution that you need to conquer a foreign market.

Based on your business or product characteristics, CBC Consulting Group helps you gather an in-depth understanding of the current situation and business potentials in the targeted market before making a well-informed and feasible decision, prepares a customer-tailored business development plan that suits your specific situation, and assists or even leads the project execution.

For start-up businesses and SMEs with little or no business experiences in China and India, Office-in-Office is always the most preferred solution where CBC searches for the suitable staff, employs them on the CBC payroll, hosts them at CBC premises in Mumbai, Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou wherever suits the business needs, and provides all administrative and market expansion assistances and coaching.

When the market exposure and experiences allow, your business naturally enters another phase of enhanced development with a more sophisticated structure, namely a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) with either a trading license or consulting function, or even a manufacturing plant. The location evaluation services offered by CBC presents a list of suitable locations and sites with detailed strength and weakness analysis so that a final decision can be made based on comprehensive analysis and reliable information. CBC Business Consulting also provides a turn-key company incorporation services, including legal structure design, name suggestion and application, preparation of Article of Association and other setup application documents, business license, taxation registration, bank account opening, foreign trade filing, e-port registration, etc.

Before the WFOE is sizable enough to operate with in-house accounting and HR team, you can rely on the accounting and HR outsourcing services by CBC. Our specialized team works closely with external experts to ensure the company functions in high efficiency, reasonable cost and in full compliances of local legal and accounting framework. Upon client request and need, CBC can designate experienced staff as the nominal director or supervisor of the WFOE, conduct regular visits with face-to-face discussions with the management team, observe the company atmosphere and staff mindset, and present a fact-based analysis and report which will facilitate a smooth cooperation and unbiased communication between the investor and the local team.

To sell or to source, for market entry or for enhancement, CBC Business Consulting always has a tailor-made solution for you.

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