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Headquartered in Switzerland, CBC has been deeply rooted in the Asian market for more than 26 years.

Executive Search

Based in Shanghai, China's largest and most developed economic city, CBC Executive Search is your first stop to enquire professional recruitment and HR consulting services in China.

CBC's HR consultants, who have grown up from the front line of various industries, can deeply understand the actual needs of the job description. At the same time, our consultants will search for the most suitable candidates according to the customer's corporate culture, management structure and team configuration.

In China, CBC HR was one of the first companies to obtain a professional qualification license for recruitment services, over the past 26-year CBC Executive Search has well accumulated comprehensive market intelligence in Asia and especially in China, we maintain close personal connection with the best talents across industries, with our rich insight, sound judgment and excellent professional knowledge, we become the one of the most trustworthy headhunter for searching senior management candidates.

CBC Executive Search Company has helped a lot of international and Fortune 500 companies to hiring staffs in China and other Asia region, thanks to our own talent bank, we are able to reach most appropriate candidates in the following industries:

● Industrial & Manufacturing/Mechanical Engineering

● IT & Fintech/ Data Centers/Electronics

● Machine Tool

● Life Sciences & Healthcare

● Chemical

● Construction Engineering / Materials

● Automobiles

● Oil, Gas, Power & Energy

● Consumer Markets/FMCG/Luxury Goods

● E-commerce/Digital Marketing and Communication

● Aerospace & Aircraft

● Renewables & Clean Technology

● Textiles and Fabrics

● Semiconductor/Telecommunications

● Supply Chain &Logistics

● Education

● Retail & Merchandising

● Internet of things

We listen first then we advise

We build trust with our clients through a partnership of excellence, integrity and win-win results. We understand our clients know their needs best, we listen carefully and try to find and ensure the best recruitment solution for the company.

We are not only a recruiter, we are your external HR Business Partner

CBC HR consulting team grows up from front line of various business. Our understanding of recruitment, headhunting and searching for senior management positions/executives is to combine with the industry, market conditions and business needs of the enterprise to provide targeted talent recruitment, training and hunting programs. At the same time, CBC recruitment consultant analyzes the structure, configuration, assessment and incentive of the existing team members of the client, matches the most suitable candidates, and puts forward constructive suggestions to our clients.

You get value-added services

If you are a SME you would get CBC’s value-added services!

Our recruitment consultants work directly with SME client’s top or senior management and create together a tail made hiring process that includes consideration of company goal, strategy, culture, existing employee, future expansion as well as other key factors to ensure a successful recruitment. 

As a client of CBC Executive Search, we offer the most practical advice and HR solution-focused services on all the company’s needs, not only for staff hiring and executive search, but also any day to day challenges.

We offer:

● Drafting Chinese employment contracts.

● Overview of employment and advice on what policies and practices are required between your country and China.

● Drafting of HR Policies and Procedures.

● Review or drafting of China Employee Handbooks.

● Recruitment and Selection Support.

● Employee Relations Support.

● Psychological construction of employees.

Personal Career Mentoring Services

We focus on potential talents and look forward to providing professional guidance for candidates' personal career development through in-depth communication.

CBC’s guest professional consultant owns MA of the Clinical Mental Health of the Palo Alto University, CA, U. S. A.  Canadian Certified Counselor.  Member of the Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association.  Member of the Shanghai Mental Health Association. Part-time Counselor of the Kunshan Duke University, we can help professionals to deal with emotion and mental problems caused by work stress. Increase self-cognition to develop clear career goals. Do Mindfulness workshops for companies to teach employees to learn how to reduce stress…

You can contact our CBC experienced psychological counselors through one-to -one interviews, we are happy to help you find the right direction for success in your career! If you are looking for your next challenge, just contact CBC Executive Search, a Chinese human resources consultant firm.

CBC Executive Search specializes in headhunting and searching for the following positions:

  • Senior Executive Search (VP Role, Board member)

  • Management Search (CEO/GMCOOCFO, CTO,C-level

  • Director and Middle levels Search (IT/Technology, Sales/Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Supply Chain &Logistics, Sourcing, HR, Administration & Operations, Production, Quality, Project Management etc.)

  • Professional Staffs (CNC, Technical Engineer/Specialist)

  • Special Approach (R&D/Technical designer Role)

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