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Website Localization

Nowadays, more and more businesses are getting involved in online operations, therefore, corporate websites have become a standard part of a business, and more and more businesses and individuals are starting to focus on building websites.

I. Buying a Registered Domain Name

A domain name is the name of a computer or group of computers on the Internet, consisting of a string of names separated by dots, used to identify the electronic location of the computer during data transmission. A domain name is the most basic for a website, because only with a domain name can people quickly find your website in the "sea" of the Internet. IP address and domain name have similarities and differences, but IP is for the computer, the Internet between the identification of the site mark, domain name is for human beings. A good choice of domain name can effectively increase the level of interest in your website.

The choice of domain names can be divided into domestic and foreign, domestic domain names and domestic hosting space need to be filed before they can be used normally, while foreign domain names and spaces are exempt from the trouble of filing. If you buy a domestic domain name platform choice is also very important, because this involves the domain name record link, now the website record need to be submitted by the operator to apply, that is to say, your domain name to resolve to which server, by the operator of that server to be responsible for submitting the record application to the relevant units audit, review. When buying a domain name, I recommend that you choose a strong operator, such as Ali cloud domain name, Tencent cloud domain name, do not choose because of the small cheap operators who are not famous, because the domain name is a long-term thing, "continuity" is very important, professional strength of the operator can have a very good in this regard The "security power". Domain name filing, is a step we must take in the country, only in the relevant departments of the domain name for the record can choose to use the domestic server operators to provide servers and optimization and acceleration (CDN) services and so on related to the domestic website service support. Now the operators will help you to prepare the relevant filing process, as long as you follow the instructions can be done, no need to worry about.

II. Buying a server

Servers are used to store websites as well as web pages. Large enterprises can choose to buy their own servers with better security and convenience, while SMEs and individuals can choose web hosting on the web. Choose web hosting, regardless of system configuration, network environment or system security these all have host provider to solve. The main web hosts are WindowServer and Linux, and currently the hosting providers are more likely to offer Windows servers. It is also important to choose a professional and strong operator because only a professional operator can provide flexible and efficient server upgrades, changes, migration solutions, etc. Here, as with the purchase of domain names, it is recommended to choose a big brand name provider because of security, stability and strong after-sales service. Here it is recommended to choose Ali cloud server and Tencent cloud server, these two are the first and second domestic brands, both of which can be chosen.

III. Build the website

After choosing a good server you can build your own website on the server, what type of platform you want to use for your website, whether it is a blogging platform, or an enterprise CMS platform, or a forum platform, or an APP data platform, etc. This should be planned before you build your website. You can choose different website building programs to cope with different needs. Such as dedecms, WordPress, discuz and so on. There are many automatic website builder templates available, so it is not difficult to build a website for the general public, but if you want a unique and high quality experience, you will need a professional to put in the effort to develop it.

CBC can assist domain name purchase; domain name registration; domain name management; website registration; website design; corporate mailbox purchase and management in China.

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