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Headquartered in Switzerland, CBC has been deeply rooted in the Asian market for more than 26 years.

Market Research

CBC Market Research has been providing Market research, Industry B2B research, Consumer insight in Asia since 1995, as a member of ESOMAR, AMA and CMRA, CBC become one of the top-quality market research service providers in China and India.

In China and India, CBC has research and fieldwork teams in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong /Shenzhen, Mumbai and New Delhi, providing a wide range of consumer research including new product test research, new product test research, new product packaging research, product price research, and new name/logo research, etc.

With the support of powerful business resources platform of the CBC group, CBC market research provides the overall industry research, including market size, sales channels, competitor analysis, marketing and promotion research, before the enterprise enters the Chinese and Indian markets.

At present, as one of the few market research firms that has the capacity of B2B research,  CBC can help enterprises find industry experts at all levels to conduct in-depth interviews in the fields of aerospace, electronics, semiconductor, Internet of things, medicine and equipment, so as to provide enterprises with expertise in the Chinese and Indian markets from a local perspective.

CBC Market Research offers following services in China and India:

l  Consumer Behavior

l  Product Testing

l  Communication Strategy

l  Brand Insight

l  Service Satisfaction

l  Industry Research

Service Features: 

CBC Market Research has always been at the forefront of the market, providing market research services to enterprises around the world with a thorough understanding of the local environment in China and India. CBC MR has become one of the leading data collection providers in Asia for leading market research companies in the world. 

            1.   Good FW quality, high precision data quality

            2.   Fluent, international level project management experience

            3.   Highly competitive price

Standard of Behavior:

We clearly know that high quality project management and accurate data collection are the foundation of every market research company, which can only be realized by the unremitting efforts of all the staff; during the last 25 years of implementing various research and data collection projects, CBC market research has been fully respected by the client companies, regardless of the industry and the clients from different countries in the world.

We strictly follow EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), CBC's code of conduct and data protection document the common understanding of employees in the pursuit of quality service and superior performance. Through these institutions and standards, we have clearly defined our behavior as a vehicle for fulfilling our mission and aspirations.

We help our clients optimize, expand, increase market share, and deliver strong returns and shareholder value through front-line data collection and research. We provide real, accurate data that reflect actual market information and provide advice to our clients based on our rich professional experience.

Outstanding professional skills, précised execution skills, international vision and local experience are our strengths. We are an established Asian market research firm and remain independent from both business and operational perspectives. We attract the best people to work for our clients and help them grow in Asia, China and India.

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Address: CBC Building, 49A Wuyi Road, Shanghai

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Address: B-805/806, Sagar Tech Plaza, Sakinaka Junction Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 400072

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