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Aug 06,2021

The influence of coffee machines on the taste of coffee


As we all know, China is a traditional tea culture country, coffee consumption per capita is still small compared to the western countries, but due to the huge population base, there is a lot of room for future coffee consumption growth. However, because of the epidemic, most offline café sales have dropped sharply, and there are many international branded café chains, such as Costa and Shangdao, which have announced their closure, which is saddening. But at the same time, there are also some foreign coffee chains from %Arabica, Tims, which has brought hope to many businesses.

In the current, unstable economic rebound, cafes need to understand Chinese people's preferences in order to have a long-term foothold in the Chinese market, but making a good cup of coffee is always the basis of a café.

"Recently, there have been a lot of projects received for new coffee shop research. For example, coffee new product testing, and the impact of coffee machines on taste measurement, etc." said a senior researcher from CBC Market Research. The results of the research show that different coffee machines have a huge impact on the taste of coffee, and that a good cup of coffee cannot be made without five factors: raw beans, roasting, grinding, good water and extraction. For lovers of hand-brewed coffee, simply enjoying the process of brewing a cup of coffee by themselves, regardless of time and cost, is an extremely enjoyable and fulfilling thing to do. But for cafes, especially chain cafes, a good cup of coffee are not only about flavour, but also about cost, time and consistency of taste. These depend on two key factors: the coffee beans and the coffee machine. The beans determine the original taste of the coffee and the machine ensures that a cup of coffee is made in the right time and has a consistent taste. Both of these factors are crucial to the café.

With the development of society, Chinese consumers are no longer single-minded in their demand for coffee. To tie consumers down and stabilise repeat business, cafes must continue to research and develop on the road to innovation and study consumer preferences in order to better expand their market share.

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