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Digital Marketing In CHINA


Digital Marketing In CHINA

Social media operation is a necessary dimension for enterprises at present in China. In the era of mobile Internet, any enterprise needs marketing, and social media operation is the hottest carrier and channel of marketing, which is unmatched by traditional media. CBC Digital Marketing Agency in China can provide you with a series of social media operation services and video-related services as well. With a professional team, deep expertise and rich experience in social media operations, CBC Digital Marketing Agency in China can bring you the following benefits:

● Save a lot of unnecessary costs and obtain higher quality results for you.

● Help you choose the most appropriate social media operation ideas for your own products.

● Provide professional technical support for the social media operations, which is the hard foundation for promoting products.

● One stop service can completely save the time and effort, and your skilled workforce can focus more on the core business.

Social media operation is mainly based on the mobile terminal, while based on the PC terminal, the best marketing methods are undoubtedly SEM and SEO. SEM (Search Engineer Marketing) refers to paying for promotion on search engines. SEO (Search Engineer Optimization) refers to the mechanism of natural ranking on the search engine, optimize the content of the website itself, and improve the natural ranking. Baidu is the largest search engine in Mainland China, SEM and SEO are marketing means mainly based on Baidu Search. The differences between SEM and SEO are as follows:

Response time: SEM depends on the price. The higher the ranking, the higher the price will be. Of course, setting keywords in the corresponding search engine will have an immediate effect. SEO actually takes time to "cultivate". Even the keywords with small competition may take several weeks to play a role.

● Accuracy: SEM is in the form of payment. Although it can bring traffic, it may also have inaccurate traffic. SEO makes relative adjustment and optimization to the website according to the needs of users and Baidu algorithm, which is more targeted at the target population and more liked by users.

● Timeliness: SEM carries out paid clicks for one or more search engines, and the ranking is only applicable to a single platform. If paid promotion is no longer carried out, the previous ranking will also be lost. SEO is based on the ranking algorithm of search engines. Different search engines may be different, but the difference is not big. After a long time, the previously collected data will still exist.

In view of the advantages and disadvantages of SEM and SEO, CBC Digital Marketing in China provides two kinds of marketing services. You can choose the appropriate marketing method according to your needs.

Company website is your foothold on the Internet. It plays an important role in corporate image, brand display and communication with customers. The website can raise your publicity and promotion means to a new level. In addition, the benefits of building websites are as follows:

● Increase enterprise exposure and establish brand image, and enhance customers' sense of trust.

● Better present enterprise products or services so as to improve the conversion rate.

● Establish contact with potential customers, and establish potential customer management database.

Due to the strict website control in China, CBC Digital Marketing in China provides you with one-stop services such as purchasing a registered domain name, purchasing a server, ICP record and website construction and operation.

In addition, CBC Digital Marketing Agency in China can provide office services for you. For example, register, purchase and manage mailbox for enterprises in China; provide remote IT support services and solve problems with desktop computers. When you attend the exhibition in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, CBC Digital Marketing Agency in China can dispatch well-trained personnel to provide on-site support for you, such as photography and coordination.

If you look to enter the Chinese market, or want to expand your business in China, contact CBC Digital Marketing Agency in China now!

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