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If you want to enter the Chinese market or expand your business in China, but there is no office in China or there are few employees working in China, CBC Digital Marketing Agency in China can provide you with local marketing support.

There is no doubt that it is necessary and important to have your own official website in China. Due to China's strict control over websites, the purchase of domestic domain names and servers and ICP (Internet Content Provider) record are essential.

Buying a Registered Domain Name: A domain name is the most basic part of a website, because only with a domain name can people quickly find your website in the "sea" of the Internet. A good domain name selection can effectively increase the attention to your website. In China, domain names and hosting spaces need to be registered for normal use. If you buy a domestic domain name, the choice of platform is also very important, because it involves the domain name registering link. Now the website registering requires the operator to submit an application, that is, to which server your domain name is resolved, the operator of the server is responsible for submitting the registering application to relevant organizations for review. CBC Digital Marketing Agency in China can help you choose and purchase the most suitable domain name for you, and carry out real name authentication and management, which will provide a solid foundation for your website construction.

Buying a Server: The server is used to store websites and web pages. Large enterprises can choose to buy their own servers with better security and convenience, while small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals can choose network hosting. Choosing a virtual host, whether system configuration, network environment or system security, it has a host provider to solve. It is also important to choose professional and powerful operators, because only professional operators can provide flexible and efficient server upgrade, change, migration and other solutions. CBC Digital Marketing Agency in China can help you choose and purchase the most suitable server solution for you, and carry out daily management and maintenance, which will provide a strong guarantee for the normal operation of your website.

ICP (Internet Content Provider) Record: ICP record is very important for enterprise websites. Firstly, ICP record can gain the trust of users. Secondly, websites without ICP records can only use servers outside Mainland China. Thirdly, there are operational risks for websites without ICP records. As the procedures of ICP record are very troublesome, photos need to be taken, website hosting agreements need to be signed, and the review time is also very long, it is a very good choice for CBC Digital Marketing Agency in China to provide you with one-stop service.

In addition, CBC Digital Marketing Agency in China can provide office services for you. For example, register, purchase and manage mailbox for enterprises in China; provide remote IT support services and solve problems with desktop computers. It can not only save the cost and office space of full-time IT personnel, but also enable your skilled employees to focus more on the core business, so as to improve the operation efficiency of the company.

With the vigorous development of the exhibition industry in China, participating in exhibitions in core cities (such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou) has become an important way for many companies to improve popularity, increase transactions and make partners. CBC Digital Marketing Agency in China can dispatch well-trained personnel to provide on-site support for you, such as photography and coordination. Besides, posts can be pushed through WeChat, Weibo and other social media platforms, which can help you with publicity and promotion before the exhibition and summary and review after the exhibition.

If you need website services, office services or exhibition services in China, CBC Digital Marketing Agency in China will be your best partner!

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