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Search Engine Marketing

What Is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing is network marketing based on search engine platforms, which utilizes people's dependence on search engines and usage habits to deliver information to target users when they retrieve information. The basic idea of search engine marketing is to allow users to discover information and click to enter the web page to learn more about the information they need. Enterprises pay for promotion through search engines, so that users can directly communicate with the company's customer service and realize transactions.

Why Use Baidu AdWords (PPC) and the Platform of b2b.baidu.com?

Baidu AdWords (PPC) is a paid advertisement based on Baidu search engine. With organic SEO, it will take over 6 months to get a high rank on the search engine result page. However, with Baidu AdWords, your company will be on the first rank easily by pay–per–click. The advantages of Baidu PPC are:

● 95% coverage: Baidu is the largest search engine in China, with a penetration rate of 95%. It receives billions of new queries every day, which means that your enterprise can obtain high popularity through Baidu PPC advertising.

● PPC mode: Only need to pay for advertising after receiving effective clicks, and there is no charge for display.

● Use strategic keywords to target specific audiences: using the right keywords and choosing the right time and place to display your Ads will help you effectively target audiences.

● Customized promotion: Can customize the display position and time of advertisements. Can also customize daily / weekly spending caps to manage the total budget.

The platform of b2b.baidu.com is a B2B platform under Baidu, which aims to help users directly access product information on the whole network, reach a large number of high-quality merchants, and purchase online through safe and convenient transaction capabilities. The advantages of the platform of b2b.baidu.com are:

● Exclusive corporate business card: In Baidu search results, strong style and special cards are displayed to build brands and increase awareness for businesses.

● Multi-scene trigger display: product search, model search, manufacturer search, market search and other scenes trigger display to expand traffic.

● Simultaneous display of product collection terminals: display product information on PC, mobile web pages, and Baidu APP on multiple terminals, which is convenient for buyers to search and reach.

● Keyword rankings: have 6666 keyword rankings

● Enterprise authority certification: official certification to enhance buyer trust.

● High-quality product recommendation: Merchant's hot-selling product display gets more exposure.

● Distributing inquiry clues: Distributing purchase intention information in various inquiry methods to help sellers and merchants match transactions.

Why Use CBC Company to Boost Your Chinese SEM Promotions?

Familiarity: Chinese keyword research goes far beyond simple translation and requires listening, analysis and cultural understanding. As bilingual Chinese natives, we have the knowledge and ability to undertake this task.

◆ Research ability: the search behavior of Chinese users living internationally varies from region to region. Most of them use hybrid search engines. We will customize your strategy based on a study of your target audience and their demographic preferences.

◆ Accuracy: We customize search engine optimization and pay per click strategy (SEM) for each platform, and optimize your website with selected Chinese keywords to help you get the highest ranking.

What Baidu SEM Services CBC Company Is Offering?

◆ Create an account: B2B marketers need to first find an authorized dealer, then submit all legal documents to verify your business and prove the ownership of the website, and make an advance payment. The whole process may take one to two months.

◆ Price and payment: Baidu requires a minimum daily advertising budget and charges an annual verification fee.

◆ Account access: accessing Baidu advertising account is a complex process. For security reasons, the company representative must bind to the account through his contact number in China.

◆ Location and language settings: Baidu can only locate Chinese regions by default. Basically, marketers can only target Mainland China, Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan.

◆ Budget setting: Baidu PPC can set daily budget at account and activity level.

◆ Delivery mode setting: Baidu PPC only puts advertisements in accelerated mode. If the daily advertising budget is insufficient to run a full day's advertising series, the advertisement will be stopped at noon of the day. Therefore, it is difficult to test the best time for advertising.

◆ Location setting: Baidu PPC can locate the audience according to equipment, location, schedule and interest.

With all the experts in our team, CBC Digital Marketing Agency in China can provide you with effective solutions to make you a success in China's digital market. From start-ups to enterprises, we can customize different strategies to increase your website traffic, improve Baidu ranking or conversion rate. We will cooperate with you to create the best Baidu SEM strategy for your enterprise. Contact us and learn more about our Baidu SEM solution.

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