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Why Use Chinese Social Media Marketing Services?

For global enterprises targeting China, social media is no longer an option, but a must. As people around the world use social apps to focus on and interact with brands, this is the most effective way to convey brand information in China. At present, WeChat has 1 billion 200 million users, Weibo has 500 million users, and TikTok has 400 million users. Failure to make strategic and active use of social media in China means that you have missed a huge marketing opportunity.

Why Should You Hire CBC Digital Marketing Agency in China?

Over the past few years, CBC Digital Marketing Agency in China has launched social media activities for some companies from startups to SMEs. We are a full-service social media marketing organization headquartered in Beijing and Shanghai, China, covering social media strategy, creative writing and design, paid media, community management, influencer activities, etc. If you need Chinese social media services, we are your agent. Our social media strategists and creative thinkers come together to provide you with customized social media strategies to help you improve your brand awareness and build a fan base in China.

Chinese native experts

We are local social media experts in China. We can speak the local language and know the local scenery very well.

Cost effective

We provide excellent work while keeping costs low. Whether it's for social media advertising or KOL marketing, we will treat every part of your marketing budget as our own.

Strategy and implementation

Social media marketing strategy planning, evaluation, implementation and refinement. We help you reach your full potential through social media solutions.

What Are Major Chinese Social Media Platforms CBC Can Help You With?

In the west, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are obvious choices for social marketing - but in China, they are blocked. Chinese Internet users can access extremely complex and powerful social media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, Youku, Xiaohongshu and Tiktok. Depending on your brand, target audience and goals, you may need to position other social media platforms. Each platform is unique and performs different functions - from providing comments and tips to sharing to creating short videos and private social networks. We ensure that your brand is visible on the right platform, interacts with the right audience and is widely known in the right circle - for all the right reasons!

What Are Chinese Social Media Marketing Services CBC Can Provide You With?

Social media management in China

At this moment, on Chinese social media platforms, discussions about hot topics in your industry are taking place. Let CBC Digital Marketing Agency in China help you participate. CBC has become a leading social media marketing agency by managing social media activities that attract audience emotions. We tell your unique brand story through original content to help your brand stand out from Chinese competitors.

Paid social media advertising in China

Our Chinese social media experts will produce excellent advertising series and optimize the return on investment of your advertising budget. This will not only enhance your brand image, but also bring you a higher conversion rate in China.

Social media brand management in China

We help our customers, from some of the world's most exciting brands to small and medium-sized enterprises, understand and position their brands to generate influence and scale on Chinese social media platforms. We use our unique brand tactics to develop our brand strategy as a guide for deploying creative content and design on various Chinese social media platforms.

Chinese content creation and marketing

We eliminate noise and cheer for your brand through effective content marketing activities supported by industry-leading Chinese content creation experts. We will help you build brand awareness and increase social exposure. We have customized amazing visual effects for Chinese social media websites and applications.

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